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Catch your breath but don't stop!

We all give a sigh of relief as the extremely busy summer comes to a sudden halt and the first frost has devastated the last of the pumpkin vines and late blooming dahlias.

All is not lost, as we know that this slightly slower season will give us all a chance to catch our breath and prepare the vegetable and flower patches for the new season.

It is now time to remove the old tomato vines and cover the sensitive perennials if you have not already done so. All the beds that have already been harvested are now covered with carboard or black reusable plastic covers to smother all the grass and unwanted weeds in preparation for spring and summer crops.

The dahlias are all dug up, divided and either put away or buried more widely spread for an even larger display next summer.

The potatoes and kumera are dug, cured and stored for future use, as are the pumpkins that on the rack to cure in the winter sun and still give us a satisfying joyous memory of how good summer was with Yahovah's constant provision and protection.

The next few months will be spent tending, weeding and topping up the beds with compost and propagating the fruit trees that we still have not ticked off the list (oops). It's definitely a catching up time for us.

Well, we hope that you too can enjoy the morning sun and still find beauty and pleasure in the garden during the winter months, and as we plan ahead as to what to plant where and when, we will all will be able to envision what it would be like once again when summer arrives.

We greet you, blessing, comfort and health to you all,

in the Wonderful Name if Jeshua Hamashiach

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